SRPM technology

Member of FORTIS group


SRPM technology provides full construction management service, understand customer needs, accept challenges and implement them through wide engineering experience.

SRPM technology is a reliable general contractor with extensive construction experience with extensive competence of quality.

Our specialist team effectively coordinates the all work process, so everything is done on time with a highest standards of quality.

Company provides standards, that ensure sustainable and efficient construction process, quality, guarantees and work schedule.

By coordinating construction projects as a general contractor SRPM technology provides a wide range of general construction services package to our customers by adding a special construction works.
The company also provides all kind of subcontracting work.

SRPM technology provides the following construction works:

- Concrete, masonry, steel, wood and other building structure element installation and construction work;
- Structural insulation work;
- External and internal finishing work.

SRPM technology provides a wide range of subcontracting to general contractor functions.


SRPM technology specializes in industrial, public and residential construction.

The company makes all masonry work with the following material: work with brick, limestone, granite and concrete masonry products. In company works highly qualified licensed craftsmen, who carry out their work very professionally.

SRPM technology has a broad skill to ensure that work is carried out according to the highest industry standards.

SRPM technology works with extremely durable fibo (Leca) blocks, which are produced and used in Scandinavia for decades. These blocks are a great building material for harsh climates.

Reinforced concrete structures

SRPM technology mounts reinforced concrete structures in industrial / public facilities. The company mounts TERIVA ceilings, columns, beams, wall panels, balcony slabs, roof panels and ceiling panels.

Interior works

SRPM technology carpenters are experienced and qualified. Professional staff makes sure, that the implementation of all technical and commercial requirements of the customers will be succeeded.
SRPM technology performs internal finishing works in public buildings, industrial sector and construction of new houses.

Window and Door Installation

SRPM technology specializes in Scandinavian windows and doors installation.

Drywall installation

SRPM technology carries out the drywall installation and building construction works:

building walls, ceilings and other standard or not standard structures.

Putty works

SRPM technology putties work is carried out using “Graco Mark V Max Platinum” equipment, that dispenses putties and paint. For walls and ceiling grinding we use “Festool” company tools, which allows to work at different heights and increases the work speed and quality.

Detachable brush crown provides superior grinding even wall corners or corners between walls and ceiling.
SRPM technology specialists have a very long year of experience, that enable them to work with the highest standards.


Facade panels

SRPM technology works with plaster and ventilated facades.

SRPM technology facade works are done with crushed stone or ceramic tiles.
Crushed stone panel advantages are resistance to moisture, mold, good sound and heat insulation, resistance to cold and fire.
These boards are great for building renovation, including the construction of a new building facade decoration. Panels can be used in all ventilated frame facades or masonry construction.

SRPM technology performs all exterior work. We plan timetables and guarantee a high quality with deadlines. Works are done with help of new technologies and materials.

Qualified and experienced workforce ensures high quality and reliable exterior work, insulation and installation of ventilated facade using a variety of finishes, various thin film decorative plasters.


SRPM technology provides new and old buildings, private houses, blocks of flats, as well as commercial buildings and office painting services.
SRPM technology guarantees the quality of the painting and also offering competitive prices.

The company employs skilled and professional painters, who can take various projects, no matter what the difficulty. SRPM technology painters’ carries they work with the best quality to meet customers' needs.


SRPM technology specialists are making brickwork from clinker for years. Clinker brickwork is a special process, that requires quality and considerable expertise.

SRPM technology has clinker brickwork professional applicators, which could make your desired pattern and the joints.


SRPM technology, in cooperation with JSC Construction project solutions designs a vide variety of building projects.

Construction project solutions is experienced engineering team, which develops solutions that contribute to the achievement of high-quality, cost-effective and best principles of sustainable development based projects.

Professionalism and continuous improvement ensure the highest level of service delivery and help achieve business goals.

Our services :
- Energy efficient (cost-effective) residential and public buildings designing;
- Construction - Work projects: reinforced concrete structures; wooden structures; metal structures.

About us

JSC SRPM technology provides high-quality construction, workforce rent, electrification, insulation, project design and reinforced concrete structures installation services.

SRPM technology also performs a concrete work, builds scaffold, makes extra constructions and provides a wide range of engineering services. We have highest safety requirements in our company, which are adjusted on the needs of the customers.

SRPM technology responsibilities are:

- Carry out service according highest safety standards, quality, cost and time;
- Continuously improve organizational skills;
- Attracting motivated, professional, ethical and integral workforce;
- Promote teamwork and innovation environment;
- Meet customer’s expectations.